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Erik is Assistant Professor of New Media Communication at Indiana University Kokomo. He is an interdisciplinary artist, composer, and designer. He works with still and moving images, sound, and text to create visual and interactive work for print, web, performance, and installation. He also scores soundtracks for film, dance, and video.
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This web art installation was created by Erik Austin Deerly in 2012. The purpose is to present the thoughts of some of Earth's greatest minds, and to do so in a fun a new way. This application presents content randomly, in the form of QR codes. The viewer is required to use a smart phone or similar device with a QR scanner. If you do not have a QR code reader handy, I've added a simple online reader.

I have chosen to omit attributions in order to strip away any preconceived notions or biases that the viewer may have. I noticed that once I had removed the author names the quotes sounded of a single voice. I feel this lends well to the concept of an oracle, especially one that is created from collective genius. Suffice it to say, I am not the author of a single enlightened word in this installation and under no circumstances do I wish to imply such a claim. My hope is that a viewer who doesn't recognize an author's words will be motivated to investigate those thoughts further.

Erik Austin Deerly

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If you would like to read the Oracle and you don't have your smart phone or QR reader handy, simply drag the QR image to your desktop. Use the button below to select a QR image from your computer. The reader will show the result below.

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